Xmas cheer

We finally got our Christmas tree, our first one ever!

it’s amazing !                          

Baby girl insisted that we must have a Christmas tree this year – effects of advertising and growing up.
She insisted that the tree be bought by 15th December but unfortunately stocks run out at our local Tuskys. You can imagine we’ve been going there daily to check if they have been replenished with no luck.

19th December and no tree yet? Mr. had no choice but to pass through Naivas which is on his way home and check if they have the trees in stock. Luckily they did, and at a whole K less the price we’d seen! good riddance!

first decorators: baby girl and her daddy


Daddy and the girls


Mommy and the girls


he too was making merry


you can see the excitement in and on me!


The dancing lights of Christmas

It was so much fun decorating. Funny how we all started humming and singing carols. The Christmas tree has lived the air in my home, endless cheer.

Merry Christmas people !



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