Questioning your faith during hard times? The hosts of the new talk show “The Preachers” have an inspiring message to renew your faith on this week's 'ESSENCE Live.'

How well do the ladies of “Survivor’s Remorse” know real and fictional Black families? Watch the video from this week's episode of 'ESSENCE Live' and find out. 

The hip-hop icon discusses her role on “Sisterhood of Hip-Hop” and her charity work on this week's episode of 'ESSENCE Live.'

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Meet five Black female rappers and singers—from Cuba to South Africa—who have the world spinning.

At just 27 years old, the Ghanaian native has delivered "Homegoing," her debut novel, and everyone from Ta-Nehisi Coates to the literati is raving about it.

We got a peek into the Disney star's world.