Wonderful Wednesday

Unlike the last today Wednesday, today was a good one.
I tried a Yoga pose that I saw in www.womenshealth.co.za , it’s so good for stretching and warm down. It feels a bit weird though, I’ve never done yoga but am keen to learn other poses so that when I don’t go to the gym, I can do Yoga, self-taught and tailored for and by me, as usual.
Later there was career fair at the Campus auditorium. There were so many companies to sample as well as forums for corporates to give tips to students. One of the speakers was Fatuma Hirsi Mohamed, a  lady I hold in high regard for her wholesome ethics, passion to mentor, urge to learn amongst many other aspects. I last saw her in Summer 2010 when she was an adjunct at the University and taught me History and Theory of Public Relations. It was a class we, my classmates and I, enjoyed thoroughly. We had loads of fun and learned so much, we still reminisce her lectures and assignments, and great friendships developed from that class. 
Through my interaction with her, I learnt Fatuma is actually a distant cousin of Mr. (that makes her my cousin as well) and she has become a fountain to many of my quests despite the fact that we communicate via e-mail. It was such a joy to see her after a long time!
My Poetry beyond cultures class was awesome! We are learning about the Harlem Renaissance and today the Lecturer brought a film Madea’s big happy family and the challenge / assignment is to relate the two, the movie and the renaissance.
Today, I’ve have this jolly good Wednesday feeling since morning and it has certainly been it. So much bliss!


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