Women: the real power?

I have just read this tweet:
@xyzjohndoe Women will never be as successful as men because they have no wives to advise them. Discuss (20mks)”> NO #thewifesadvice
First reaction: whaaat? Are you trying to say that we (women) are lagging? After calming down, I realized the tweet actually holds water.
Today my lecturer came to class late, looking dishevelled and with grandiose stains on the pits of his shirt. After class, my friend Rhoda and I were chatting to another classmate who came in today for the first time. In ‘updating’ her, we told her all about the lecturer, his family, his teaching methodology and all he had told us about himself. Her first response was “You mean he has a wife? He wasn’t dressed like he has!”We went on to explain that his wife was in the USA. 
FYI – My lecturer doesn’t always dress like that, usually he is very smart but I guess today was a bad ‘dress’ day. The new student was nothing like you’d imagine based on her comment. She is young, smart, urban and clearly upwardly mobile.
These two instances (the re-tweet and lecturer’s dressing) I think are in tandem. Whether we should let it be so or not is a whole different argument. So, we (women) rule the world, from the back end at least!


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