Women and perceptions.

I have just finished writing an essay on “Women are their own enemies”. I wish I didn’t have to as I do not subscribe to that school of thought but it course work.
On finishing with the essay I reflected on if it is truly so or it’s a fabrication of society’s imaginations and wishful thinking.  
Yesterday I was at a young women’s get-together-ish and I can certainly say women are NOT their enemies. Just that the dynamics of life sometimes make it seem so.  Any who, below is an excerpt of our discussions:
o   A home is a place where love is given and received in an exemplary manner. That is, one can learn and apply it to others. The traditional understanding of home is under threat from several factors such as:
  • Civilization of money and technology.
  •   Feminism.
  • Progress. ( maendeleo). 
  • Amongst other factors.
o   All the above notwithstanding, current trends shouldn’t define the home rather, realistic needs of the family; the love for family and the means available.
o   Creating habits and customs is part of creating a home.
o   The Woman makes the home and teaches her family virtues.
o   A home depends on the Mom because a househelp no matter how well trained doesn’t have the same weight of love, order and cleanliness for your family as you do. Delegate well, and when possible, do it yourself.
These are just but a few of what we were discussing at a (new)friends house. By we, I mean myself and close to 20 other young mothers and professional single women with aspirations of making good wives and mothers. It was the last of a series of talks and my first one to attend.
photo from http://www.gwdpearls07.com/about_us.html
 I was invited by one of my Lecturers (advantages of being a good student) and I must say it surpassed my expectations. It was also a wonderful time of networking in a comfortable homely environment.


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