Tuesday Thoughts

I wish life was silky smooth, but it isn’t. I wish I could have everything I wanted and needed, loads of money especially, but I don’t always and sometimes I have to work extra hard and smart to get it. 
When life is like Thika road (tarmac interrupted by potholed sections, diversions and deviations), how do you get things going your way? It’s by taking the responsibility to make them go your way. It’s hard, I know, and sometimes the boulders are too heavy to bear or move but you can choose to climb over, or at least look around, take in the glorious scenery and SMILE, it will lessen the burden on your mind and heart.
Yes you can!
You can decide how your life is going to be and make it so; do the work that will determine how your life turns out. Take control, Take the initiative and you can make it so ~ Ralph Marston


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