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It’s week 7, exam week at la universidad. I spent my entire weekend reading for today’s 1:20-3:00 pm paper. gracias Adios I did coz the paper was a total WALK-OVER, yeah! and I still had to attend the other classes.

Kind request to lecturer’s: please give us a break during mid-sem week !!!

to the titled issue; usually it takes me 25 minutes from home to campus in the morning and 45 minutes in the evening to get back home but today ….. Whoa x 8 !!!! a whole 2hours !! Mind you I didn’t come across any incident to warrant the traffic jam.
I think the problem with Kenyan drivers is that they get into a “hurry” once they see 5 cars infront, then everybody starts wrapping  (Ooops! mother tongue influence) overlapping. I thought matatus were the worst offenders but it’s seems private motorists have taken over.

You know what’s even worse?? seeing jalopies and shindes jostling for space allover pedestrian paths and muddy patches. I excuse the jalopies but the shindes ……mschew!….. NO. You gotta treat your car with RESPECT, if you want it to serve you well and for long otherwise it will join that group I just forgave sooner that you can pandisha it on the side walk.

plus it’s very an embarrassing, uncouth and classless behaviour, Trust me, I know ……  Last week I got pulled over and was almost arrested/charged for this bad behaviour. I felt so ashamed and unworthy of the Pajero I was driving. I told a lie that I will not repeat on this public forum to get  myself off the messy situations and promised myself not to do that again, after all, even the other motorists have places to get to.

Back to today’s humongous traffic, I made the best out of all that jam ………… filing, buffing and cleaning my nails, oh, and removing the cuticles too in between driving at snail’s pace. I even had enough time left to pop my pimples but that’s another bad habit I dropped !!!
On the downside, I never jaza tank my car unless eeeeeeehhhh … NEVER ! Usually i fuel enough for 2 – 3 days. I had enough fuel for today and tomorrow, to and from Campus but what is left won’t even get me to Thika Road *sob* *sob* I’ll just have to ‘steal’  hubby’s new ride  kwanza av been yearning to use it.

Thanks Henry, you motivate me even when I think my writing is lacking or this blog is let me not say that word. I do appreciate your moral support


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