traffic situations – the compensation

today’s traffic made up for yesterday’s traffic situation. I left the house at 7:40 am and got to the University at 7:59am and from Uni to mtaani, 4:20pm to 4:45pm. minimum time on the road.
I think ‘The Secret’ worked for me because while I was reversing out of the parking lot I pictured/imagined my window rolled down, the wind blowing my hair and some nice ‘soul’ music as I cruised home and guess what ? that’s exactly what happened, Ooohh so blissful! Well, apart from the cruising part … on Thika road, you navigate to avoid the gazillion mini-potholes. I can wait for the Chinese to complete construction though it may happen after av graduated *sob*

My class today was muy interesante y diviertido. My broadcast journalism Lecturer had a fresh haircut and was looking exceptionally sharp, all ready to start using power point for class instruction; “signs of a new start” He said.
He then went ahead to read the feedback we gave during evaluation, I must say the guy impressed me. It is encouraging and good mentorship to see a person of his stature take criticism so well and act upon our recommendations with such good spirit. Big up I.C. !!!!
we, two colleagues and I, had a very enlightening, eye-opening and motivating chat with him after class. Remember the chat I had with mi Profesora de espanol  and mi profesora de Relaciones Internacionales 

I think it’s important to have a chat with the Professors outside the class environment, it gives one the opportunity to know them as ‘normal’ people with dreams and expectations. You are even able to form mutual and beneficial friendships, within respectable limits ofcourse, with these learned ladies and gentlemen and the fact that one day I want to get into the job market and academia, I see them as mentors. 

 happy thinking day to Scouts worldwide


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