today ……..

If I had a choice I wouldn’t have woken up today!  eeeeh, ati if I had a choice???? why do I and lots of others often use this statement yet we all have a choice or choices no matter the circumstance or outcome?
Anyway, I choose to wake up this morning, an hour later than the alarm, to prepare my son for school. I don’t have a house-help at the moment but even with her around, I like to get up and keep my son company as he prepares for the day  that way, we can chit chat about nothing, something & anything. sometimes get into an argument.
Feeling ‘not in the mood’ to do housework, i log on to facebook. this is what I always do when am feeling low, the stuff people post is hilarious and so are friend’s photos of  ‘them days’. today is no different, within a short while, my mood is up and I get on with the days chores
sometimes I wonder if am a good mom/parent, do you? I have noticed every time my almost 3 year old daughter is about to eat, she switches off the TV, radio, music on the comp and has everyone one keep quiet so that she may say grace, makes me feel proud and humbled.
I’ve done a pretty decent job raising my kids


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