The step to a journey.

“je unajua kucheleweshwa si kunyimwa, tena kungojea huzaa kuvumilia?” This line is from a song by one of my favourite song writers / musician Joan Wairimu. It loosely translates to delay is not denial, patience breeds resilience.
I told you HERE that I’ll start a detox program today. Well, I did, one tailor-made for me by me. I don’t want to jump the gun, I must say it’s not half as bad as I anticipated though consuming two litres of water kept me peeing almost every half hour during the first half of the day and hourly in the afternoon. I put lemon slices in my water so it was very palatable, infact, I loved it. Usually water consumption for me is a problem but today I even had to refill in campus. Gracias Adios the lemon still had it’s flavour and scent.
I didn’t fill hungry as I thought I would be, wouldn’t even have noticed because nothing was strong enough to compete with my frequent urge to “short call”.
It may have taken me a long time to start a healthy lifestyle revolution but am not discouraged, it will happen soon enough. It’s a journey which will teach me patience (which am not!) and resilience. Oh! and am so proud of myself for avoiding all the glaring junk temptations, *pat on the back*.
I am starting jogging tomorrow to complete the revolution, even got a jogging mate !

and this is a dedication to all my junk foods and unhealthy habits. Yeah, I will survive.


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