The blue pick-up of yore

 I don’t know why I suddenly thought of a particular recurring ‘ceremony’ in my earlier life. No, not before my re-incarnation, I don’t believe in that, but in my teenage years.
My neighbour had this blue Peugeot 405 pick-up that woke up the whole village whenever he tried to start it. We could tell when he was leaving and when he got back, usually to get feed for his cows and pigs, an ardent and successful farmer he was, and still is.
You would think that the rumbling of the blue truck infuriated the neighbourhood. No, it didn’t, rather it was a blessing. Being an agricultural area and the market centre being a distance, the pick-up came in handy not just for the owner, but the whole neighbourhood as well. It was the only vehicle of its kind for a long time and the owner was and still is a kind-hearted christian gentleman and his equally pleasant wife. One of the few rural women who knew how to drive them days.
The blue pick-up helped neighbours ferry their produce to the market and sacks of animal feed and planting seeds from the market. All this at the cost of just making an arrangement with the owner, that’s all.
A majority of the neighbours now own their own, but the blue pick-up remains special. It was the stepping stone to a better life.
I’m sure this recount has a moral of the story, just can’t think of one at the moment. I’ll let you know as soon as I see it clearly in my mind. What lesson can we learn from the blue pick-up from my teenage?

Oh, I know why I remembered the old pick-up. On Friday I saw a similar coloured pick-up driving ahead of me on Friday afternoon. This one though was a true vintage. Judging from its number plate, and owner, it’s about 26 years old and still on the road ig good condition. Remember what the bible says about wine getting better with age?

Enjoy your treasures this week!


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