I love Fridays. At the university I go to, the founders had the insight to know the need to develop wholesome individuals so they set Friday aside as a co-curricular day, a day for clubs and associations though there are classes in the afternoon. Noble idea, they gave me an extra free day!
I have never taken a Friday class and don’t plan to unless ofcourse I have no other options on the academic schedule or the Lecturer is super fantastic neither do I join clubs that meet on Friday. I always wanted to join Rotaract club (they travel a lot), but they meet on Fridays!
I am a member of the Public Relations as well as the Journalism club because ‘great minds think alike’ so we hold meetings during the week, 30 minutes in between classes, and these are very vibrant clubs mind you, no wonder I can’t afford the 2 hour ones on Friday, I like to work smart. but do I say ?
So what do I on Fridays? I go with the flow / mood. However there are must do’s; drop and pick up my kids to and from school, take them to the Library at 3pm then enjoy a treat. I don’t have to include browsing the net since by now you know it’s no longer one of my hobbies, it’s a TALENT! huh!

do you love Fridays?


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