Summer reader.

There’s a time I used to write a lot, when I was in high school and I was good at it then I went onto a different path , different course  parallel to what I’d always dreamed of but now am back on track.
No wonder I started keeping this blog, to build up my passion for writing. God’s gifts are irrevocable so I believe I have it in me to write exceptional articles.
To help my quest, I realize it is paramount  to read widely so I made the decision to read beyond academics from this month henceforth in order to understand various writing styles, genres as well as build my vocabulary, and above all, expand my knowledge to / in various fields.
In addition to my favourite authors, am trying others, known and unknown.
From late last week to yesterday, I’ve been reading this book:

It’s a true story about a child’s life long suffering and her eventual overcoming of it all, recovering from her suicidal tendencies and onto a life where she is secure, confident and a ‘saviour’ of future generations in similar circumstances. It’s a shockingly sad story but with light at the end of the very dark tunnel; a story of suffering yet full of hope.
I’m already reading another book, will share about it later!

Buernas tardes !


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