I am sitting in the local library, blogging despite the fact that I came to look for books on History of the VOA and epic poetry – Avesta. So why am I blogging instead? Because the library server is down so I can’t access the OPAC system neither can I be bothered to walk around all the shelves looking for books that I would have otherwise gotten at the click of a button. Please note, when I need non-academic books to keep my mind sharp, I never go to the OPAC, I just browse the shelves, on all five floors !! and I stumble across the most interesting reads such as the Little Oxford dictionary of proverbs and All God’s children need travelling shoes.
The server been down has gotten me thinking how dependent I have become on modern juzi juzi (recent) technology and I can almost bet that you too are in the same boat.
you know the feeling that comes over you when there’s a power black out? Yet you have nothing planned to do revolving around electricity.
What about when the internet is down and you feel that there’s even no need of switching on your computer? Sometimes I have so much incomplete work in my laptop that’s not going to require any online research but I feel like my hands are tied and my brain shut, only when the service is back up am I able to carry on. I have to admit though; I am an internet addict, ¡gracias a Dios! it’s readily available and cheap in my neighbourhood.
Oh, and the OPACs in the Libraries? And to imagine I came here to complement the assignments books I got or didn’t get from the my University’s library,  I won’t even dumbfound the lecturers with my amazing citations, what a shame! Yo estoy muy perezoso!
Have a good day people, and DON’T be a slave to technology.


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