Last Friday I went for a steam bath at the Windsor Golf and Country Club with my friend Stacy (you know her by now going by the number of posts she’s been featured in this blog).
At the risk of sounding like a late bloomer, it was my first ever full body steam. I do steam my face regularly though, rarely if the whole truth be told.

The welcome at the gate was out of this world, the security men saluted us so much I was feeling like the retired Chief of General Staff Kianga before was literally pulled with ropes out of the DoD, they almost curtsied as they handed us the parking ‘thingy’.
A warm welcome indeed. Oh, the magnificent view as we drove in and alighted. We walked around before finding the pro shop to pay for the steam session.
So there we were, two African girls changing into towels headed for the showers then steam room as decorum dictates for public steam baths.
Being the decent well mannered ladies we are, we go behind the changing area curtains, take different corners and start getting ready. A middle-aged mzungu who is from enjoying a morning of golf (seeing as there’s so much grass on her muddy shoes, didn’t she read the “Please don’t enter in muddy shoes” notice at the door?) walks in, her locker is near where Stacy and I were, and she goes on to strip in front of us, without even taking notice.
Then another mzungu lady is leaving the showers, same as the first one, completely naked ! We’re non-members, so obviously we didn’t get the memo!
The kind lady manning the area does not seem bothered at all, she’s probably so used to that, there are no rules against that and it a ladies only steam area.

Anyway, we shower and into the steam room we go. I told you it was my first so I’m first blinded by the steam-filled room, can’t breath well and the eucalyptus stings my eyes but I adjust to the new environment in a few minutes.
We  start reminiscing about our HUM1000 – World Civilization class, trying to imagine the Roman and Greek civilization public and steam baths which were a public and social affair for the community. After around 20 – 30 minutes, we take a break to hydrate.
As we are lounging on the steam beds and sip water with the best lemon wedges ever, out of the showers emerge a head and body towelled young mzungu lady, I later learn she’s Ukranian, and into the steam room she goes, we follow for steaming phase 2 after ten minutes.
Once we see clearly, we notice she’s nude, sitting on her towel. Shock on our  steaming-in-towels modesty, we don’t speak for a whole two minutes before getting used to the new dresscode. We start chatting and we’re all jolly. Five minutes later, another mzungu lady walks into, this one’s old, and just like Ms. Ukraine, sits on her towel and lets it off her body.
By now Stacy and I have seen enough white skin and assets to be shocked so we go on with our conversation. but then we are wondering, is it us steam room ‘freshers’ or it’s our upbringing? no matter how much we try to let go off the towels, we just can’t.
Either way, the steam got to our skin, and  we did reap the benefits. You should see our healthy glowing skins, we glow like an African sunset! and the relief of congested sinuses ( which is an issue to both of us) is amazing. And all other benefits as listed in

On our way out, we thanked the lady staffer so being so helpful and we went about sightseeing the rest of The Windsor that was in view.
This place is trully magnificent, majestic, breathtakingly beautiful and the staff are cultured and polite. I’m definitely going there again Oh, we also bumped into a gorgeous wedding party, we didn’t crash though – you don’t do that at exclusive five-star locations and our Mommas taught us well! Off we drive, same distinguished treatment at the gate, headed for an Eritrean lunch at Asmara!


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