Stacy, Shopping & Asmara

remember i was to go shopping with my two pals today? Well it was just Stacy and I, the third musketeer couldn’t make it due to pressing obligations.
shopping venue 1:  Kawangware market, yes huko huko.  
FYI, Kawangware is home to some of the most prestigious schools in kenya; Braeburn, Rusinga and Precious Blood.
I got the most amazingly well fitting pair of jeans, and they are brown. how unique is that? I also got a pair of flats, a 20/= dress and 5/= handkerchiefs to last my kids the whole of 2011. 
Stacy got the most amazing LBRDs (Little Black Rave Dresses) at an unbelievable burgain.
shopping venue 2: Ngara Market.
this market is so ‘All under one roof ‘. It caters for all sizes, i.e. pockets and body. The stuff here is amazing but you have to sort of window shop first coz some vendors quote really high esp. when they tell it’s not your usual market. Imagine this, we see a belt we like Vendor 1 says it’s Ksh. 950, mwisho 700, Vender 2 (at a stand 3 footsteps away) quotes Ksh. 350, mwisho 250, see what I mean? If you feel the price is too high, walk around first.
I got some nice tops and a dress. I’ll make sure to post the photos when  I wear them.
OOOOOhhhhhhh, the jamaas at Ngara wouldn’t let Stacy go I had to pull her away, literally! they ALL think she’s HOTest. One asked her “would a beautiful girl like you agree to marry a hawker?” yap, that’s Ngara vendors for you.
as you know, every market has a mad man so it’s unlikely Ngara would be an exception. two ladies chose it as the venue to exchange obscenities in public regardless of their potential customers. 
Lunch @ Asmara
Trust Stacy to know where you can find the best food in this city. We took a matatu to a very unusual destination to discover a hidden gem, Asmara, an Eritrean food restaurant. I can’t pronounce nor remember the names on the menu but I was in good hands.
We had injera with spiced beef (they make the spices themselves, how great!) with fresh cocktail ‘multicolour layers’ juice. The meal was amazingly delicious and oh so filling, we sat there for like two hours after our meal chatting and catching up on each other.
We plan to try their fish next.
Today was a day certainly well spent, we’ve never really hang out outside school and am so glad we did.
different faces of Stacy
About Stacy:
  • a laughaholic, she laughs at anything and anyone bila kuficha.
  • down to earth
  • very intelligent
  • fashionable
  • fun
  • has a heart of gold
  • bitchy (in a nice kind of way), I always laugh when she’s having a meltdown, you wouldn’t believe it’s her.

I swear the stomach has no shame, after all that lunch, am feeling hungry. gotta go eat.

buenas noches


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