Semana de la Cultura (Culture week)

yeah, I know I ought not to be away this long. Truth is, I kept logging on and off to post, I knew what I wanted to write about but the words were not flowing. I am not sure if it was flesh Vs. spirit or neither, maybe it’s just me. Today I decided I must come what may.

Last week we had the culture week en la Universidad, I told you about it click here. To say it was great is an understatement. It was an awesome event to take away the pressures of Lectures and all that appertains to them (BTW, I’m wondering if there was a memo to Lecturers to build a mountain of group work for us to scale after Mid-sems. Every body I know, me included has group work for 4 courses …. eish …… )

Thursday evening was culture night to end the week. Somali took the floor first, they really outdid themselves in representing their culture …. it was spectacular. Nigeria and Burundi also did well as all the cultures represented in this melting pot. Check out some photos of the event:
Even Maasai market was here !

A taste of the freshly brewed Ethiopian coffee
fufu, pepper soup, plantains ………. and all foods Nigerian
 I had a taste of the Somali and Nigerian food; hot, spicy and yummy, craving for more, I’m planning to try the fried plantains and jollof rice, got the recipes online at another of “sites I love”
Bushra and I. I love her Somali outfit !

Judy and I

A lovely Maasai attire.(sorry the photo is ‘sideways’)



t’was a great way to end the week! I got to experience a taste of different cultures from within and beyond plus it was so much fun, Trully Moments & Bliss!


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