Scared straight.

Today I woke up feeling skeptical and unsure, a little scared too. I had an appointment with my doctor to review my test results for a scare I wanted checked out.
We had to be sure it was nothing to worry about; that explains my morning feelings. I had contemplated postponing the appointment but hubby urged me on and go I did.
I’m so glad I went because it turned out to be nothing, Amen! After leaving the doctor’s office, I felt like a new being.

As I was driving to my other shughulis,  I thought to myself that the scare may have been a blessing in disguise. You see, 2012 I decided is the year for a renewed and fabulous me. Lately, I have been falling off the track to achieving what I’m aiming at. But this scare though it is now behind me has helped me re-focus. Now I have resolved to stay on the path I set out and I’ll keep at it.

Sometimes when bad things or obstacles come our way, it could signal better things ahead so my Mom keeps saying and I believe her.

Whatever doesn’t kill you only makes you stronger!


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