One step at a time.

Two weeks ago, a friend suggested that I do a facebook survey on what I should blog about, I told her I’d think about it. I have thought about it, not so much because I knew the answer in my heart and head at that moment just that I didn’t answer her then.
You see ladies and gentlemen, I write in this blog for me. Read at the top of the home page, it’s about me, my experiences and my opinions. 
Along the way, six people have chosen to follow my blog, I write for them too because they give me motivation and encouragement when I feel like maybe writing is not for me. Every time I log in and see their names, it gives me strength to even log in without posting anything but at least to never give up. 
There are countless people who read this blog faithfully or occasionally from all over the world, some I know, majority I don’t, some give feedback verbally or on the comments, some don’t but y’all are very important to my writing and so dear to me.
This blog for me is like a Chinese bamboo tree, ever heard of it? It takes quite a process to grow the bamboo tree, you plant the seed and you water it and cultivate the soil for FIVE years and then the bamboo tree that doesn’t break the ground in those five years grows over NINETY feet tall in just six weeks. Did it grow 90 feet tall in five years or in six weeks? It grew in five years! Because if you at any point of the five years you stopped tending to it, the bamboo tree would die in the ground.
I gladly take advice on my writing skills and what I can do to become a better writer but am not YET ready to seek which direction to take. That time is not here yet, but I am headed there.
I am being patience (against my usual self). I am overflowing with trust and belief that my writing is worthy, yet I’m giving myself time to mature my art, creativity, relentlessness, discipline of flow, thinking and focus. Right now I’m watering and cultivating my talent.
 I aspire to give quality and quantity; it will take sometime, not as long as the bamboo tree though! In fact I’m three quarter way there and I’ll definitely let you know when I arrive.
Walk with me, and it will make you proud of inspiring a phenomenal writer!


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