neanderthal marriages

am an ardent listener to the Morning & Drive shows  on Classic 105, the call-in topics especially of late have been on the shenanigans of  ‘marriage’ &relationships.

there’s a man who shot his wife on the leg coz he saw another man talk to her, another brought a woman for a ‘sleep-over’ in full view of the maid while the wife was at a kesha, a man locked his wife in the house and went philandering in Coast with his clande, the now famous Kihara whose wife locked him in the bathroom and took off leaving him with only Kshs. 25 to name but a droplet of craziness.
It seems couples thrive on how much they can hurt each other more, it a battle of the sexes in which the biggest fool takes the trophy, yes I  said fool.

married “celebs” are engaging in extra-curricula activities that degrade the value of marriage day in,day out without thinking of the millions of young people who look up to them. Why did you get married anyway??

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The above named fellow is my reason for raving this new years eve morning when I should be blogging about happy stuff.

The world marathon champion,Olympic marathon gold medalist, a Chicago and London marathon champion (quiet an achiever !) Samuel Wanjiru  was yesterday charged in a Nyahururu court with threatening to kill his wife, illegally possessing a firearm and other counts of threatening the couples house help and watchman and harming him.
eish what has marriage come to ???
Just look at the world-reknown fellow, instead of his pacesetter or coach being next to him, it’s a law enforcement officer.
He now stands to lose endorsements and appearances because of his actions, just ask Tiger Woods.

Mr. and I were driving back from a funeral when we heard the news on radio, to say we were shocked is an understatement. Lately we have been discussing what ails marriages just so we never find ourselves in a messy situation.
One thing we always wonder is, what happened to the two people who were madly in love with each other they decided to build a home together? even if it was due to circumstances such as pregnancy or arranged marriages, is it not possible to make lemonade out of the lemons otherwise just walk away?

Please people if you trully feel the domez between you and your spouse is irreconcilable, take a bag and pack your stuff and anyone/anything you’d like to take with you and leave with your dignity and respect intact, that way, if ever the two of you get back together, there shall be no ill-feelings and underlying mischief, boundaries will have been established and if not, you will not land in jail for your stupid actions on another human being who might not even be worth it.
Marriage is a wonderful institution that should fill you with joy & happiness, companion & friendship, partnership & security and all the good things that God intended it to be. It has some downs too but mostly ups.

If you are married, make a resolution to enjoy life with your spouse. If you are single, forget the shit fools do, marriage is great.

un muy feliz año nuevo, 2011


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