Neanderthal marriages (part 2)

Today, it has all been about Osama’s death, I don’t know whether to ululate in jubilation or not. All media houses, local and International have the same headline story. Well, this is a story that definitely is of high interest. Unfortunately, one of our local scribes is not here to hear nor tell this story. Wambui Kabiru was murdered by her husband, a fellow member of the fourth estate, after what their househelp says was a minor disagreement, so minor she didn’t think much of it at the moment, neither did the other tenants in the housing flat hear any scuffles.
The guy then called his relatives and in-laws to inform them of what he had done and when police came to collect the body, it was obviously a case of murder by strangulation.
It saddens me that any woman should have to die or at the very least suffer at the hands of her very significant other, in this case barely two years into a marriage.
The caretaker of the building describes the late Wambui and her husband as a loving couple, did all that change with a minor argument ? 
The man’s uncle said the couple once went to him for help / guidance in resolving some domestic misunderstandings mainly perpetuated by the man, do the misunderstandings justify this course of action? 
As I said HERE,  if you trully feel the squabbles between you and your spouse are irreconcilable or getting out of hand, kindly take a bag and pack your stuff and anyone/anything you’d like to take with you and leave with your character, dignity and respect intact, that way, if ever the two of you get back together, there shall be no ill-feelings and underlying mischief, boundaries will have been established and if not, you will not land in jail for your stupid actions on another human being.
And I still maintain marriage is a wonderful institution that should fill you with joy & happiness, companion & friendship, partnership & security and all the good things that God intended it to be. It has some downs too but mostly ups. Trust me, I have been married to the same man for nine (9) years and I know what am talking about. 
From the facebook posts I have seen, single people are getting jittery about this holy institution from all the crazy shit that marriages have been dragged through.

I say again, If you are married, make a resolution to enjoy life with your spouse. If you are single, forget the shit fools do, marriage is great.

The late Wambui Kabiru and her spouse in happier times. what happened?  


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