my sato.

I have just discovered a font am liking very much, adobe Arabic. I used it for my Avesta Poetry presentation on Wednesday, which by the way was very awesome. I had the best team this time.
I don’t know why Lecturers insist on group work coz I think they can make you a miserable donkey for two weeks or so but I guess a ‘Team’ spirit has to be encouraged in Campus for now and beyond.
Any who, today I am feeling a bit disoriented because of some things that didn’t turn out as I had anticipated them to. I’m not sure if it’s those things or me who is the dilemma ( I can be very controlling and  when things don’t go my way, I feel like I’ve been injured but am learning to let go since I can’t carry the weight of the world on my shoulders, Jesus already did that and I so love Him for it).
This is quite an academic weekend, with the mid-semesters coming up next week. I know I’ll ace them, I always do thanks to the work and smartness I put in but do I say.
I’m off to be taught a new song by the little ones, that will definitely lift my wintery spirits to summer.
Hasta la vista!


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