morning dew

I’ve just woken up with so much psyk. It rained through out the night. Rain makes sleep so nice and soothing and the morning so beautiful.
I love the morning drizzle, dew on the grass, the heavenly scent of it all ! I’m loving it.
It has been too hot lately, even for Africa, the rain is welcome. No me gusta mucho calor. Deseo buen tiempo, ni calor ni frio aunque no soy Dios así que no hay nada que pueda hacer (I don’t like very hot weather. I wish for cool days; neither hot nor cold though I’m not in control so there’s nothing I can do).
I hope the drizzle eases at around mid-morning because today my son is having a birthday party. I told you about it HERE

May God give you of heaven’s dew and of earths richness………… Gen 27:28

Buenos dias mis amigos


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