Mommy 2011

I like treating my kids to some home baked goodies once in a while which av decided to make more often (not a resolution!) this year.
I woke up with psyk of trying a new recipe; cinnamon rolls. Here is how it goes ………..

followed all steps to the letter, now ready to pop them into the oven
and she rode into the kitchen to check kama tamu imeiva

the end product

ha ha ha ! wooooooooiiiiii, the baking backfired, the rolls were so hard I covered them with foil to see if they soften kidogo. Even my daughter commented on the hardness but she liked the sweetness. She ‘advised’ her brother that they must not be taken plain, one MUST have juice/milk/tea with them.

I’ll keep trying till i get the cinnamon rolls right, I promised my kids that. And I keep telling them never to give up, 2011 Mommy is leading by example, keeping on till it the perfect rolls happen.

blessed year


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