mis …… whatever

Wheeeeeew !! mid-semesters are over ! Had a tough tiring week but as always, all taken in stride. Today am chilling alone at home; my son went for a school trip, baby girl is in school and Mr. took Kelly to hospital.
I had this day planned out full of fun but all I want do is sleeeeeeep sleeeep and sleep.

I saw this book in the Library, interesting title don’t you think ? I borrowed it  out of curiosity. From the little I have read, The author thinks feminists have lost feminism. He is of the opinion that unhappiness of women stems from devoting their twenties and thirties to career and singlehood, only to find in their late thirties and forties that husband and children have escaped them. He’s entitled to his own opinion as I.C. keeps saying.
It’s a heavy read though and am not in the mood for those now so I’ll take a while on it.

Let me go back to my day of sleep, Oh so blissful !!


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