Magic formulas and Marriage

To the best of my knowledge, last weekend is the second time that Pastor Chris Ojgibani has been to Kenya. He is the founder of Covenant Singles and Married Ministries, a non-denominational marriage ministry. 
Being a staunch christian, I try not to comment of people who are in the purpose of the great commission but as a human being, I often fail.
I do not want to comment on the man of God, after-all I am not the one who called him, rather on his message. Read it here .
Pastor Chris at Nyayo Stadium
His message is not as controversial as I expected it to be. I do not however agree with some of his interpretations of the Bible and some doctrine matters here and there. You do not have to be a theologian to know the story of Adam and Eve, do you?
Moving along … Here’s my own dose of Quick tips on getting a spouse – Terry’s magic formula.
One. To the people who were at the stadium: If you are serious in your quest for a mate, please please look the part. That is,  no stained teeth, no two month-old hairstyles, etc etc. I’m not being mean here, just honest. I saw you on TV-ooh. 
To the rest of y’all single people,
  • Be open minded. If someone , including friends, asks you out on a date or to an event e.g. wedding, party, accept it. You never know what you might find out about that person that you didn’t already know or meet someone through them. This especially goes out to my dear friend (unajijua). BTW, you can throw a party and tell friends to come with friends. However, be careful of wierdos.
  • Go to where other single people are. You don’t need me to give you suggestions, do you? 
  • Go to watch a game in a bar or other decent establishment where there are potential future mates. Without naming names, y’all know the popular female sports authority on radio? She’s now married thanks to the power of sports.
  • Volunteer your time and skills. No wonder this is mandatory at my university, kumbe they know a thing or two on hooking up people, lol! Anyway, people who are prepared to give a little of themselves often very caring people, capable of passion and commitment. If you meet someone there, you’ve found a gem. If not, continue to good. karma will be good to you.
  • 2012 is around the corner. Join a political party and be active in the campaign.This is a good way to find a  responsible citizen, hopefully a date with whom you have something in common. If it does not work, you will have at least widened your circle of friends possibly in high places. 
  • Join evening or graduate classes. Yeees! You know college / uni is mixed unless ofcourse the name suggests otherwise. So, apart from learning something new, this is a potential hunting ground. You can also join a gym as a complementary strategy, mmhhmm, beauty and brains ! 
  • Above all, you can show someone you are interested in them and if the feeling is mutual, someway, somehow, the universe will be aligned for the two of you to be together.
  • If someone else is interested in your catch, up your mental game and strategy. Fight off the competition(s), not physically, not verbally, just be smart. DO NOT be psycho!


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