Usually when I start exhibiting signs of inconsistency or ‘slow down’ it’s because I’m experiencing bloggers block, which am not, in fact I have so much to write about or procrastination, which by the way I have since fully recovered, Amen ! but this time it’s none of the above rather one of my internet ‘switches’ blew on Monday probably due to KPLC’s random blackouts. The other options have flaws; 3G is kinda expensive, I’m feeling the pinch right now and my phone can’t handle large contents, it falls in the category Kenyans call mulika mwizi, ha ha !!
My internet provider has been trying to get the damn ‘thingy’ hope he gets it tomorrow.
Tomorrow is the beginning of a new semester, summer semester. Incidentally coming up are Kenya’s coldest months, so much for summer, huh!
 I miss blogging, can’t wait for that switch.

A wonderful Mother’s day!


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