Living with Grace and Ease

I am starting to get it! Life does not have to be a struggle. We are meant to enjoy life and live fabulously while we are on earth. We are children of the most High, the Almighty God, aren’t we? We are co-heir together with Christ, aren’t we? YES!

If this is so, and I believe it is so, why then should I live a mediocre or unfulfilled life? The belief systems of many people is that only when we get to the eternal paradise will we live in bliss. I say BS! This belief systems don’t serve me no more and henceforth, I let loose.

Each of us can live a life of purpose, bliss and abundance on this very earth. We have within us the power to manifest a divine life on demand. We have with us to tune our thoughts to be in alignment with the life that we desire. All this grace, ease and a big sunny smile 🙂

I get it now! Like ‘Abraham’ Hicks says “I am the creator of my own reality.I am the thinker of my thoughts. I am the feeler of my feelings. I am a worthy being.”

“You deserve to live the life you were meant to live, and you have the energy to do it.
 It’s time to focus that energy instead of wasting it. 
And by energy I mean your money, time, physical vitality, creativity, enjoyment, and relationships.” 
~Dr. Maria Nemeth 

My personal growth journey that I talked about in my last post here has been profound. I have come across many teachers,mentors and resources that have removed the shutters off my eyes about soul, spirit, intuition  manifesting, awesomeness, living a juicy and holistic life and many more.

And I now get it! Life is about joy, grace and ease! It is about being present and living out loud!

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