Knowing in my Knower


Sometimes I feel as if I’m the only one that struggles in my craft, but I can bet you that I am not alone in this.

Ever since I was a young girl, I always knew that I am a writer. I went on to study a different course in college that had absolutely nothing to do with being a writer. A decide later, I was back in a university classroom to sharpen this dream and skill that just wouldn’t go away no matter what else I was pursuing.

So, yes, I do know in my knower that I am a writer. Do I struggle with this? Yes I do. To the point where sometimes I have so many ideas on what I want to write, yet I get overwhelmed by a feeling of emptiness and lack of focus.

It happens to the best of , right? Right.

Over the things, I have learnt somethings that have strengthened this belief and confidence that I was born to write. It’s a God-given gift that no matter how much I want to run from, I find myself drawn back.


I love writing , and this is how I know with deep conviction that I am a writer:

  • I always have a pen and writing material with me, just in case an idea pops into my head. In fact, one of my greatest fears is to have something to write but nothing to write it on 🙂
  • I’m always buying cute notebooks and pens to add to my eve growing collection of writing material. Yes, I’m old school like that, I actually prefer hand writing before I can type it out.
  • I have a fetish for books. At any given time, I will have books that I bought but have not yet gotten to actually reading. And this is no reason for me to stop buying more books.
  • I am obsessed with good grammar!
  • I pray through writing. Often times I don’t open my mouth to pray. I get out my prayer journal and unload my heart to God. And when God drops a word in my spirit, I write it. For me, writing is a form of worship.


What are you passionate about and how do you know in your knower that you are it?


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