It’s all in the lips

Disclaimer : I’m no fashion/style guru so take my advice at your own risk.
At the beginning of the year I decided to try out a few new things in 2011, make-up/fashion/style wise and yeah! I have tried, some drastic, some mild. For instance, I highlighted streaks of my hair then ‘hennad’ it, the result is amazing (though I think henna rinses out with each weekly wash), I’ve been ‘dressing’ and ‘skirting’ a lot lately and going by the many comments plus ofcourse the woman in the mirror and the hot feeling inside, it’s working.
Now to the subject, I have also been ‘lipsticking’. Usually I just do black eye pencil I have very beautiful eyes if I may say so myself and NO! I don’t wear contact, God blessed me and my kids with very brown pupils.
Back to lipstick, recently I meet people and they’re like “did your skin tone change overnight? You look lighter” mmmmmmmmhhhhm, No it didn’t. I’ll tell y’all the secret av been keeping to myself …..brown lipstick, Yes, that’s it !!!
I bought a gold-ish shade and had been wearing it for about a week when my friend Maureen Ombar said to me “You know what would really look good on you? very brown lipstick”. MO is a lipstick guru so guess what I did that evening when I got home? 
I found one, not so dark but I decided to buy it anyway. When I wore it the following day, the skin shade/tone Qs started. One of my very good friends, Jane actually called me point 5.
I thought it must be something in their water or their eyesight  until one day we (journalism club) were taking impromptu photos and after we were done Jane said unfortunately I had forgotten to apply the .5 lipstick. That was when it hit me …..byamnn!! The answer was in the ‘trial and error’ Ksh. 50 signature lipstick #30.
I’ve been experimenting lately to get opinions/comments, yeah ! that’s it.
If you are what we Kenyans love to call brown, try some brown lipstick and tell me if you get the same reactions and Qs as I do.
you can ‘bless’ me with this Bobby Brown one
If you see me kinda prominent pointie faced, blame it on the lipstick.

Buenas Tardes !


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