It all happens for a reason…

Here I am sitted in my Eiffel tower, enjoying the bliss and waiting for the D-Day, Yeeeeaah! I did it!
Another comes, shows me building erros and cracks in my tower, Oh no, I’m going to faint. How now? Why now? But I was relaxing my head and feet in the clouds without realising one of my core builders was present in body, not so much in workmanship ūüôā I start to worry and run around, get to do a little bit of disaster preventing, sealing of the cracks and total rebuilding of some walls.

I’m glad somebody noticed this early, I would have been swallowed next week. It ain’t pretty nor easy, but I’m getting to it myself, I’m getting my hands dirty.

As I reflect, I realise how grateful I am that the error was noted. I can’t handle the noise and the heartbreak that would have happened.

Thank you God, I am giving thanks in this tough situation. At least I have the two Leutinants I knew would have my back in this project with me, Bless their souls.

When D-Day comes, all will be well because now I’m firmly of the ground, so are my feet and head. I can afford to ūüôā

In every situation  give thanks


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