Insomnia in the dark

Yesternight KPLC decided we’d had enough electricity and buuuuh! black out at 7:30pm just as I had positioned myself infront of the television to watch Rythm City on E! then on to my favourite soap soy tu duena on Citizen. I went to bed early.
I woke up at  2:20am to go find my son and take him to the loo because Mr. went up to his room and couldn’t find him there. Kumbe he was scared of the dark (like me) and went to sleep in the girls bedroom. Mission accomplished, I went back to bed but kept tossing and turning for the next many minutes. Usually I get to sleep like a cat to milk but tonight, apparently not !!
Note: we were still off the national electric grid so I couldn’t go watch TCM / CNN /Al-Jazeera and whatever else TV stations play at night. I went to the kitchen and got a glass of hot Ribena ……. Yes, Ribena diluted with hot water, Thank God we always have it in a thermos.
The hot Ribena worked like magic. I was soon fast asleep unfortunately I dreamt that I was having a sleepless night, talk of double portion.
I’ve just Googled what causes insomnia in women?  and all articles seem to zero in on Menopause, ha ha ! naaaaayyy !! Yours trully is like a gazillion years away from that !!!
I’ve come to my own very informed conclusion, I was angry at Kenya Power, that’s it ! you know one needs to be well relaxed to enjoy a good night’s sleep.
How dare they make us be in darkness an entire night ???? Without electricity life comes to an almost standstill!
I woke up (no electricity yet!) fatigued and splashed cold water on my face to jolt me.

I need to call home and find out if power is back for this faithful customer and her household, Not blissful at all.


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