If you care, show you do !

Today I went to pick up my daughter’s end-of-term academic file and report form. I thought they were closing tomorrow (Friday) until I re-read the letter from her school. I had planned to get to la universidad very early and catch up on International Relations but postponed it to this afternoon when I’d be free.
The letter indicated that parents collect the files from 9am and to kindly keep time. I went at 8:45am as the 3rd parent to arrive.
As I waited for my turn to go in, more parents were streaming in; many mothers, a few fathers and couples. Mr. had an early appointment at the office so  I went alone.
Then, shock on me! enters this riff ruff of a girl with ugly, shapeless, ill-fitting black shorts, noisy flipflops and an over sized jumper. She looked like she had been washing clothes then run over to get the report card.
It was obvious she was the househelp (Note: I have nothing against househelps, infact I can’t live without one).

I looked at her and wondered to myself, isn’t a child’s academic and social well-being of concern to a parent?  It only takes at most 2 HOURS of your time, in three months! It’s not much of a sacrifice, it’s your responsibility anyway!
I am sure all those parents who were there with me had other things to attend to, me included but chose to come to their child’s school first because we have our priorities right and also understand the important gesture of being there, showing love and support for our children’s  well being.
If you are gonna send someone on your behalf, it’s advisable that the person understands how important your child’s progress is to you and mirrors that as you would.
A teacher I know once told me she feels very offended when parents send the help to collect the report form because the day is set aside to also enable a parent discuss their child’s performance in and out of class for the mutual benefit of the child and those are issues you’d rather not discuss with a non-parent/guardian.
According to her, if the parent(s) is not able to attend on that day, make an appointment to see your child’s teacher at a date and time convenient for you, within working hours ofcourse.
I saw another househelp who I know, the family she works for resides in the  same court as us. This one was different, what impressed me was that you wouldn’t be able to tell her apart from the other Mommy’s. She had obviously taken her time to dress and look good before coming to face the teacher.

Sometimes it’s a challenge to fulfill our priorities but to enjoy moments of bliss, we must ! You’ll feel great as you watch the beautiful sunset knowing you did it.


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