I love my bum, I’ll always flaunt it

I recently attended a friend’s wedding in Limuru, Kenya where my bum became a HOT subject; if the guests had been asked to write a thesis for their doctorates, my behind would have been the favourite topic.

When we (ex-MLians) hit the dance floor, all we could see and hear were camera clicks & flashes, taking photos of …….. yeah, u guessed it right .. yours truly’s asset.

I was surprised at how many people take a look at bums. so today I googled; take a look …..

The Physical Properties/Characteristics

of a really nice Bottom…

The Perfect Female Butt has good symmetry, a beautiful form and excellent structure. It is Full, Round, Shapely, Taut, Firm, and High, Plump and Juicy, but yet, still, compact. It is Aesthetically Appealing, with a nice Curvature, A Sleek Form, Beautiful Contours, An Attractive Fall and A Seemly Silhouette.
A great ass or at least a nice one has defined curves. It is Rounded – at both top and bottom or at the very least at its bottom point.
It is Voluptuous – in its appearance to the eye, but yet, still, is neat and trim. It is not Gigantically-Gaudy and Super Flabby but Shapely and Seemly. The Perfect Butt/Ass isn’t Big just to be Big; it is, also, Beautiful, too.
And it isn’t an “Absent Ass” (one that is obscenely small) either. . It has fine lines and contours and an Aesthetically Appealing Shape – regardless of size.
Big (thick) is good no doubt, but it has to be well defined, as well as juicy. It has to be shapely and well contoured, too. And that’s what makes a perfect Butt/Ass!!!

Ladies and gentlemen …. (drum rolls pls) …. I GOT IT !!!!!!!!


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