I know who I AM

Being a farmer and an absolutely  fab daughter-in-law, I travel to my village home (on hubby’s side) every week to check on my farm projects, workers and my widowed father-in-law. Usually, it’s hubby, my two big babies, the homestead folks and I. However, yesterday we received unexpected visitors – two sisters who are my hubby’s paternal cousins. I have never met them before.

As the lady of the house and good African hostess, I  welcomed them and served them lunch and refreshments.

As is the custom, when people are not well acquainted, introductions take place. One of the ladies went on launch a full CV on who ‘she is’. I realized that she definitely subscribes to the societal definition of who she is.
When my turn came to introduce myself, I just said my name and of course stated that I am their cousin’s wife and mother of the two kids running around in coloured gumboots and left my introduction at that. I could see the ladies ‘question mark’ looks waiting for more but I was done, and at peace. Whatever else they needed to know is not part of Who I am. 
Perhaps seeing my outer (and very well put together #fresh) look, the ladies expected more. But guess what? That doesn’t define me. My circumstances and situations are just that, they are not me. I am not who others say / think I am. I know who I am. I am on a journey of  the authentic me! And this has shifted a paradigm om my own identity.
For the past one month, I have been on a personal growth journey. One of the resources that have been immensely relevant to me is Dr. Cindy Trimm’s teaching on  I know who I am. You can watch it here.

I have learnt that I am not my job, I am not the title or label I wear, neither am I the roles and limitations I play.

ph0to credit : thelatterdays.blogspot.com
So, in case we meet and I end my introduction at what you would consider to be the barest minimum, know that is Who I am devoid of any hangers on. If you want to know what I am or what I do, just ask.
I am done with ambiguity on my identity.


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