great Kenyans 2010

they’ve had an impact on me and others, I hope
As 2010 comes to a close, I wish to  applaud a fraction of the people who have influenced me (to be better) by their words, action and beliefs. Only one of them have I met personally, the rest I just read about them though I admire them immensely. 
  • Bushra Ahmed

the most mature teenager I have ever met.

Strong in character, hardworking and true to her faith even when no one is looking.

A wonderful human being, very thoughtful , lots of fun to hang out with.

I pray 2011 brings more boys across her path coz she needs to get out of her cocoon and date !!

  •  Mwenda Kilemi
pictures from and TRUE LOVE
 at only 22 (he’s now 23), Mwenda become probably the youngest lecturer in Kenya, teaching at the University of Nairobi. 
With a Bachelor’s degree in political science, Sociology and History (honours), a Masters in Broadcast journalism from one of the best journalism schools globally and working on his PhD, he has quite an impressive resume. He represents the future of Kenya and is a role model to his peers.
his is a story I’ll keep telling my children.
I hope he’ll be one of my lecturers when I pursue my masters in Journalism at UoN.
  • Martha Karua
 this lady AMAZES me.
I admire her courage to stand strong when grown men are faltering. She faces her opponents head-on and defends her position, even when no one backs her, to the very end. 
she has been on a high in 2010 and I pray for greater things in 2011. I believe her time has come to lead these nation and show the men how it done.
and I love her style, always dressed to suit the occasion/event.
  •  Carol Mandi

 I admire this lady for her persistent and belief in her brand. She’s the most multi-talented media personality I know.
She inspires me a lot


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