Going on Detox.

Yesternight I was watching a talk show on TV and one of the co-hosts mentioned about the apple detox and how wonderful it is. It sounded interesting and I thought I’d like to try it some day after all I’d like to know why all the fuss about detoxes.
Well, today I decided to check what the apple detox is all about. There are acres of print online devoted to it, all very positive reviews so much so am thinking about starting it as soon as tomorrow. Problem is, one is advised to prepare for it by eating lightly the day prior to starting, mmmhhh!!!  yet av just taken a plateful of fries ati to enjoy my last “sinful” day but I guess I can make up by avoiding a big “last supper” and instead have a fruit or vegetable salad.

I had told you HERE how much I need to therapy myself against unhealthy eating. The time is now. 
This time am set for the long haul, I’ll let you know how it goes.


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