Football + Me = ?????

I don’t understand football (soccer) at all, probably never  will. What’s with all the obsession especially with the European leagues?
Even my cousin-sister whose core entertainment is Nollywood movies seems to have converted.
Mr. who feels nada about it ( I hear it’s called ‘The beautiful game’) is sprawled on the couch catching up with the Barcelona vs Man U game neither is my 7 year son sleeping early today.
Tell me people, where’s the fun in watching men running around to get a ball into a net? There must be something otherwise the twenty two wouldn’t be paid those obscenely huge amounts  of pounds.
The only sport I watch is athletics for various reasons:

  • The rules are simple
  • There’s no referee
  • The start and stop points are clear
  • There are no interrupting whistles
  • Kenya will always win; I long for the moment the National Anthem plays
  • amongst other many reasons

 Anyone willing to tutor me on Football 101.

Buena suerte en Barcelona, estoy apostando por vosotros. Ir a los niños!


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