fooled twice

1. At 7: 30 this morning, I bought a newspaper and wooooooooooooowh !!! apparently Maria and Shaffie are now engaged, WTF. I believed it hook, line and sinker after-all celebs have lots of drama. About 7 hours later is when I realised it’s bluff after I logged on to facebook and saw friends commenting about what a good April fools story it was.

2. My friend sms’s me that she’s been arrested and taken to Parklands police station and she needs me to send her credit to call a cop-friend to go bail her out. I check my balance,  @##%$ I have only 10 bob and am at a place I can’t get credit. I sms her my regrets and pray that all goes well.
I meet up with my friends for lunch and we’re talking about the foolings, and guess what? that sms has been widely forwarded and circulated. Shock on me again !!!

did you ‘fool’ ? do tell.


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