Disappointment Wednesday

Wednesday 13th July 2011, a disappointing day indeed. My group and I were doing our advert critique today. We had three ads, one we thought was bad, the other – average and the 3rd was really good. My friend Irene and I were critiquing the ‘bad’ advert and it was first on the presentation. Maybe we should have let the good one start because, mmmhhhmmm !! The Lecturer completely roasted our critique, and he totally murdered our opinions. He interjected quarter way saying how powerful the ad was and went ahead to invite the rest of the class to give their opinions. There we were, Irene and I, standing awkwardly in front of the lecture room with our thoughts now scattered all over with even no chance to defend our position.
eish, I thought in university everybody is entitled to their own opinion (having independent thoughts is in fact encouraged!)as long as they can convincingly defend their position. The presentation was such a disaster so much so that when the mantle was on us to continue, all we could manage to do was press the keyboard arrow to the next slide and let the class read for themselves as we sat down with our heads on our chests. I have never felt so academically low and challenged, not even in Math class where the lectured used to say I ‘cook’ my own methodology to arrive at the correct answer. He always listened to my arguments, I could have been inventing a new formula, you know?
Towards the end of the same class (Advertising), I received a text message that I had to pick my elder daughter from school because she was feeling unwell, in the middle of exams. I had visited her on Friday and Sunday, she was in perfect health, now this? Mr. and I went to pick her up. She had a fever, chest and joint pains – totally bad signs for a girl who suffers from Rheumatic Heart Disease. We took her to the Doctor who gave her some medication and said she’d be okay to resume her exams tomorrow (Thursday).
As I was unpacking my gym bag in the evening, I noticed I forgot to pack my sports shoes, the expensive motivational ones that hubby got me. =((
Oh no, not another frustration! I’ve had enough for the next two months.  I called my friend who resides in campus to check if they are still in the gym bathroom where I left them, and of course as I had expected, there were nowhere to be found. Somebody had decided to help themselves to a pair of nice looking shoes or as we say in Kenya, somebody decided to kuniwekea poa.
By the time I went to sleep, my head was aching and I had to take a painkiller. Sometimes life is on a down, but then again, tomorrow is a new day full of hopes and opportunities. I will make my bliss then.


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