chilling alone

my kids went to visit their cousins till evening. The house is kinda quiet without them (I have to admit, though their noise drives me up the wall, I miss it so much when am not with them) which means am just there there..we’ve been each others primary company this holz.
I decided to go thru my copy of this month’s TRUE LOVE E.A. mag, look what I found

this I should try, stunning !!!!

and this too !!


me like.
what is it with the ‘there there’ feeling and snacking. This is what am upto as I blog
in bed (at 12.33pm), on the internet and a huge packet of crisps.

 I just wanted to take a few bites …… mmmmhhhhmm ….. now there’s none left. am not guilty !!!!

as I listen to Mary J. Blige “each tear has a lesson” isn’t her music so good ?? I love it & her

Buenos dias !


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