Challenging me.

I am currently reading the book An enemy called average by John L. Mason. It’s about launching to the top and being on the offensive of mediocrity. He describes Mediocrity as compromise, indecision, being held up / stuck by / or in the past and a lack of vision.

 I’ve just come from church and the preacher was challenging us to get out of our comfort zones and claim all what God has in store for us. Her message was based on a priest in the old testament,  Eli who said or did nothing as his sons went on and on doing evil things through out the land and when the Lord sent Samuel to tell him that he and his household will perish as a result, he (a high priest,  mind you) did not even call his household to repent or at least plead to God on their behalf. He took an ‘Amen’ attitude, sat and waited to die after all The Almighty said so. The priest knowing that God is all merciful and can forgive sins as black as charcoal didn’t take any action to seek forgiveness. What a shame! what mediocrity!

Before I become all self righteous, I also slug in some cases yet I know I only have the power to take the necessary action. I use human nature to justify my weaknesses yet deep down I know am not living up to my potential, settling for average and mediocre.

Time and time again, the Doctor has told me I need to shed off quite a number of kilos. When am in that office, you should see me, huh! with a deep resolve to hit the gym, take up sports, heeeeeee! The first thing I do when I get home on such occasions is to Google weightloss and similar sites then as the days go by, I convince myself that it’s in the genes, I come from a lineage of plus-sized people, why would I be any different??  I forget there’s a time I was 66Kgs which is actually my ideal weight.
I need to therapy myself against all things sweet, all things deep fried, all things refined etc etc, the list is long.

There are lots of other issues that I slack on but am now challenging myself, I don’t want to sit down and wait for death like Eli. I want to rise above my comfort zones. I come across the ‘6 x 1 = 6’ formula in the book, it might just be the remedy. I’ll try

have a blissful week


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