Breezy Monday

I stirred from sleep at 4am but couldn’t get back to sleep again, probably because I slept so early yesternight. I gave up the battle at 4:30 am and woke up to make my packed lunch and do some reading.
I made the sandwich, Yes! But the reading, mmmhhhhmmm, I thought of my exam schedule, decided am academically covered and got online instead.
huh! This talent of mine, sometimes it derails me, oftentimes it keeps me bubbly so am not giving it up any time soon.
My Monday started with little mishaps, a lean against dirty water on my cream top (I was banking on the rain to clean my car, it didn’t, at least not thoroughly), my water bottle spilled its contents all inside my bag on a rainy cloudy morning with no sun to dry it. Nonetheless, nothing would spoil my cheer.
I eventually got to some serious reading, revision actually, in the university library at 9 am of course interrupted by bouts of surfing on my phone.
I’ve just done my mid-semester exam, Literature – Poetry across Cultures. It was fantastic. I trust the others will follow the same trend. Either way, I’m well prepared though Advertising and Media audiences is giving me goose bumps but I trust in a higher power and who knows? It might turn out to be my best, will let you know on Wednesday.
I am looking outside the window, it’s like an African winter, I look within me it’s summer.
Oh the bliss! I love these moments.


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