Births & Transformations

I am officially a grandmother! No, none of my kids has reached the birds and bees stage!

At the beginning of this month, 2nd of May to be precise, my cat gave birth to three teeny weeny cute kittens.
Funny thing is, everyone in my household including my cousin who was visiting knew that  the cat was heavily pregnant.

Me,  I could NOT see it. How now? The little kitten I got less than a year ago is pregnant? No way! Perhaps like all mothers, the little girl is still a little girl even  when she flies from the nest.

Shock on me and my denial mode when the househelp found the cat Meeeeooowing endlessly in my daughter’s closet drawer that morning. I thought it’s her (the cat’s) usual love of curling up warmly but then, I noticed her stomach was really enlarged and decided to take precaution.

I went to the outdoor store and made a ‘birthing station’ using an old pillow. Still in denial, I thought the cat probably wanted some cheese, which she loves, yet I had exhausted my cheese slices. I went on with my day as usual ignoring the whining cat and even took a nap.

At around 2 pm, my daughter woke me up with excitement that the cat had given birth and that we needed to call daddy and inform him. She was bubbling, restless and besides herself with joy. I went out to check, and true, there lay the cutest sight ever! My usually playful cat looked subdued and are those the kittens? They were so tiny, they still are. I’m afraid to touch them lest I hurt them.

I was overwhelmed and I couldn’t stop giggling. Like a new grandma, I sent a text message to my cousin and even tweeted of the new additions to our family as I warmed some milk for the new ‘mom’. She must have been surprised to see all the effort I was making, and still do, to ensure that she is comfortable.
Previously, I was just tolerant of having an animal. Now, I’m totally sold. I’m officially a pet and animal lover, overnight! (notice how it’s MY cat, MY kittens 🙂 ).

Having a child, human or animal, makes you and those around feel special. I am a living testimony to that!

As a practicing christian, a new birth is one of the foremost doctrines. It is a glorious miracle that is given unto us. It signifies transformation and brings about new priorities.

… behold the new has come …

As spooky as this sounds, my cat giving birth was a very spiritual experience for me. Oh my! I even went into gratitude and meditation.
Yours truly, new grand ma 🙂


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