Birthday weekend

A lovely weekend it was! I’ve immensely enjoyed the showers of blessings and what a better time than when mi hijo turned 7. He invited his friends on Saturday afternoon for cake, crisps e.t.c.
What I like most about my kids birthdays is that they aren’t an expensive affair unless Mr. & I want it otherwise.
As long as there’s cake and friends, then that’s a happy birthday. I’m basking in bliss though I don’t know for how long.
Maybe a time will come when they’ll demand all manner of gadgets they saw at a friend’s / shop / advert ???

birthday boy ready to blow the candles

not without my ‘sidekick’ sister

they each wanted two lollipops …. they got ’em

Mommy and the birthday boy
Oh, the chief entertainer

Yesterday (Sunday) I did my daughter’s hair. I haven’t done that in along time. Look at the hair transformation from Saturday night to now. I love the sato retro-look but it’s hard to manage and maintain.
I did a great job, don’t you think so ?


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