Being 30

One day, my sisters-in-laws and I were having a good ‘girl’ time while sharing snippets of wisdom. They are much older than I am and so we often don’t have the same opinion on how to handle certain issues. One of them said something about the ability to let go, I wondered out loud why I would let by-gones be by-gones especially with someone who has/had offended. My sister-in-law just chuckled and said I would see her perspective in future. She added that she wasn’t always of the opinions she now held but rather, they are a result of wisdom over the years.

Well, the day has come, I share a lot of her opinions. Not because we are closer in age, we will never be- but because I have been through the school of life and experiences. I am no longer that hot-blooded young girl who dished as equally as she got. I no longer retaliate in equal measure but rather let my ‘ niceness’ be the prosecutor and jury. I have no time or space in life or heart to carry other people’s burden. I am living my life baggage free, from now henceforth.

As I approach the 3-0, I am at peace with myself. I have no regrets, neither will I hide from anything no matter how tempted I might be. My teens were a crazy adventure and my 20’s tumultuous , my 30’s will be another story – A time to let Terry be Terry

I am counting my blessings, being 30 is the greatest!


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