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It has been ages since I updated my blog. Here’s the reason why…

Late last year, my site crushed and I lost everything I have been writing over the years. I tried working with my hosting company to see if I could recover my site. Unfortunately, there was nothing that they nor I could do.

With the crashing of my site, I crumbled, and crushed too. How could I loose all that I had poured my heart into over the years? It hurt. Terribly

Here I am again. I am a writer and will always be. The site crushed , too bad. But my dream didn’t crush.

I tried importing posts from my old blogger-hosted site but that didn’t help much. As is evident, I’m still having challenges importing images from blogger to my self hosted site.

I login here everyday hoping to write, and I feel discouraged. Today however is a new day and I made a conscious decision to move on, and start again no matter what. Like a phoenix, I rise from the ashes.


Out of my ashes
will rise a new phoenix.

A soaring being
returning from death
proving once again
that life is eternal.

I live forever
because the spirit
never dies.

I will return
in another body
in another time,
but it is me.

The me who is me now
will always be.

As long as I live,
I learn.
And I live
F o r e v e r

~ Carmen Colombo



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