Back to life

I gave my househelp a week off for Easter to be with her family and Oh did I miss her !! Yours trully had to deal with the cooking, cleaning, kids and all household chores et al. I love cooking, you know I do, but cleaning dishes just kills me. Thank God schools are closed and there were 3 high schoolers in my house to do that.
My wonderful househelp came back yesterday, now it’s holiday time for me.
I’ve been surfing all morning, now I have all the time to do that. I got out of bed at 7:55am to get breakfast and was back by 8:15am, three and a half hours later am still online. is one of my latest favourite sites. I came across mob articles on Jill Scott who I loved in Tyler Perry’s why did I get married? and why did I get married too? isn’t she gorgeous?

The only reason I have to part with my laptop this morning is because I have a lunch date with my cousin-sister.


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