back to balancing

Today I went to pick up my course texts for next semester, wooohh ! am so glad I did coz I dealt with issues that would have been to much for me to handle on Monday. what with Library fines that had to be removed coz I wasn’t at  fault and a canceled class that nobody thought it important to communicate?

Anywho, I’m looking forward to a new year, new semester, new classes, new lecturers, new friends and ofcourse a chance to gain knowledge and prove that with straight A’s.

if you notice my new blog header, that will be me from next week; Mommy, wifey, student in addition to the other facets. balancing all that can be quiet a challenge, crazy enough, I ENJOY IT !! It’s a chance to prove women can multi-task and perform exemplary.

Tomorrow am going shopping  with my two very good buddies from campus to get a wardrobe update, you know now, heeeeeeeeeh! gotta look mmmmwwwwwaaaaahh! in spring. I’ll post about it.

moments of bliss, yeeeeeeaahh


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