Another Sporty Friday

Last Friday I was at my daughter’s sports day, today I was at my son’s. Talk about sports galore! I was seriously considering missing this one because unlike my daughter’s school which is pre-primary only with about fifty children, my son’s school has baby class, nursery, pre-unit, class one to eight as well as an autism section, on top of that it’s a public school so you can imagine the pupils population, it’s well over a thousand and my son is not active in sports, that makes me a total spectator at the event.
I went anyway because he asked me to, I promised I would go at noon. I’m a good Mom who keeps her word hence my kids learn ‘word of honour’ from me. Like majority of events on this side of the hemisphere, it started hours late. It was supposed to begin at 10am and end at 1pm yet they started the first race when I arrived at 12:15pm, or maybe they were waiting for yours truly? Huh!
I have more fun than presumed but we had to leave early, my son was bored to the core of cheering and sitting in the sun. As always, I took photos, take a glance ………..

bored stiff at noon
my favourite event
lower primary preparing for a race                      




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